A new era of Power Management

At COMPAMED 2023 in Düsseldorf, our new RRC-PMM20 power management module was introduced to the public.

The new PMM20 enables internal charging of our RRC20xx standard battery packs and facilitates seamless switching between mains and battery power. The compact module ensures uninterrupted operation and a reliable power supply to the application. When multiple batteries are combined, several PMMs can be used in parallel in one unit. Our fully Smart Battery compliant PMM uses SMBus communication between battery and host to ensure optimal operating parameters at any time.

Thanks to its new design, the PMM20 can be easily integrated into a battery bay, and its small footprint and slim design allow the best possible use of space within the application. The integrated 180° battery connector provides maximum flexibility with various connection and mounting options.

Similar to all RRC standard products, our new power management module is certified worldwide for industrial and medical applications, so there are no additional development, approval, or design costs for our customers.