Compact and smart: The new RRC2037

Small, cost-optimized and as smart as it‘s "big brother": In order to optimally meet the market requirements for the medical and industrial segment for miniaturization, RRC has expanded its portfolio of standard battery packs and developed a completely new battery: the RRC2037.

Configured as a 2s1p battery pack, the RRC2037 is perfectly suited for mobile applications where space is at a premium.

The new RRC standard battery from the PowerPAQ product family has a nominal voltage of 7.20V, a nominal capacity of 3.00Ah and thus closes the gap between the small RRC FlatPAQs in 1s1p configuration and the "big" RRC2057.

Despite its compact size, the RRC2037 is a full-fledged smart battery with an integrated battery management system, all the safety features of the big PowerPAQs, SMBus communication and LED display for remaining capacity.

The asymmetrical design and an additional key feature on the connector ensure that the RRC2037 can be optimally positioned in the application and to the mating connector without twisting.

Due to its shape, the RRC2037 is compatible with all existing chargers for RRC PowerPAQs (RRC-SMB-UBC/-MBC/-DBC).

Here you can find more information about the new RRC2037, which is approved worldwide, just like all other RRC standard batteries.

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